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araabMUZIK and AKAI Professional Introduce “MPC Renaissance”

Check out this new gear that Akai is planning to release soon.  It looks like the NI Maschine and the ease of getting access to DAW’s these days has hit Akai hard.  Akai MPC was the staple of hip hop production for a long time.  I think I’m part of the “new school” movement because most of my people don’t use MPC’s.  Most of my people use controllers + DAW to make music.

I own the NI Maschine and I think it is great that someone else is finally putting out something to compete with it.  More competition only means that they will push each other to one up the other one.  For the end users like myself, this means that we will hopefully get more feature rich updates quicker and even for free!


eMusic presents: araabMUZIK defying the laws of Nature

Yep… araabMUZIK continues to show his strength on the MPC.  

araabMUZIK is the master of the drum machine. His dexterous digits work at lightning speed to slice up and reshape songs into sounds never heard before, transcending genres and boggling the mind.

To highlight his singular talent, eMusic researchers wired AraabMUZIK’s drum machine to strobe lights to capture his breathtaking speed and precision in this debut of his new exclusive bonus track, “DoomsDay.” Plus, it just looks cool.


illmind Interview ( Bombonem.com Exclusive )

BombOnem.com caught up with one of the nicest producers in the game recently, !LLMIND. He spoke to us the difference between being a beat maker and a real producer, his experiences working with Dr. Dre, his advice to producers trying to break into the game, his style, his top 5 personal favorite producers in the game, and then we randomly threw him a strip club question to lighten things up a bit. Catch him on a slew of projects throughout the year.

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Jamie Lidell performing with iMaschine

Check out this dope video of Jamie Lidell showing you how simple it is to use the new iMaschine app from the iTunes store!  What’s even better is that this integrates nicely for anyone who already owns Maschine.  This is one of the few things that makes me say ‘Damn I wish I had an iPhone.’  I felt dirty just writing that… gotta go wash my keyboard in soap now.