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We Stole the Show Mixtape by Mick Boogie


Presented by Mick Boogie, the Buffalo MCs had recently just released their new mixtape. Rhyson Hall and Grand Phee come with a sound that is unique to them, which is a big mix of just about everything.

Electronic music, merged with hip hop, comedy and singing? Yup, that describes We Stole The Show. The juxtapose odd couple, made up of mild mannered by day and explosive by night Rhyson Hall and tell-it-like-it-is veteran emcee Grand Phee, are two completely different personalities, who together form a winning musical combination.

If you’re a fan of underground Hip Hop then this is something you don’t want to miss!

Listen/Download the tape here


Lil B – The Basedprint 2 | Mixtape


To celebrate his upcoming guest-lecture at New York University, which sold out in about 10 minutes, Berkeley’s Lil B has dropped a new 20-track mixtape. Clearly inspired by Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 2, judging from the artwork and title, Lil B’s The Basedprint 2 is now available to download below, while his NYU lecture is slated for tomorrow Wednesday, April 11.

Download Mixtape

Posted By AC

Mixtape: Tony Williams “Some Of My Best Rappers Are Friends”


Kanye’s cousin, R&B crooner Tony Williams, has enlisted quite the cast of hip-hop characters for his new mixtape, Some of My Best Rappers Are Friends. The project features the likes of Kanye West, Big K.R.I.T., Chip Tha Ripper, Freddie Gibbs, Cyhi Da Prynce, The Kid Daytona, and many others.

Mixtape: Tony Williams Some of My Best Rappers Are Friends


"Uh Oh" x Lil Crazed (Chapter 3: Liberation - The Lost Tracks)

Lil Crazed dropped this dope lyrics video to one of his tracks off his “The Lost Tracks” mixtape.  Check it out!


[[Download Link]] 

~they call me mister, fuck it, no introduction,
just keep talking about US like in the middle of your discUSsions
cuz all that fussing that you doing is fueling my movement,
and providing the buzz i need to keep it moving, no boozing,
game over for you losers, and fuck all your rumors,
u mad cuz i get under your skin and stick out like tumors?
or is it cuz your chick is one of my most frequent viewers,
and uses your computer to search up my newest on google,
uh oh, what, you don’t like my attitude?
you “STREET” dudes need to find another AVENUE,
cuz all you rappers boring me and its the damn truth,
even you assist to the board (bored), that’s an alley oop,
you damn amateurs, aint getting PICked like cameras,
you getting flipped like calendars, and DODGEd quick like “challengers”
so keep spitting your fiction about “shotguns” and “passengers” 
i’m more official than that cardinal (kardinal) Kon (Akon) got from Canada (Kardinal Offishal)
oh, it’s a 911 emergency
when you toss me any instrumental that might encourage me,
i know you heard of me, i verbally just murder things
i’m that yellow wrapper (rapper) that comes out at every murder scene,
currently the hot spitta, currency or not, i’m stilla 
killa, for rilla, call me a God… zilla,
so get familiar with this man
cuz hate it or love it, i’m bout to be chilling above y’all like a ceiling fan