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JR Aquino Eliminated from the Voice

Several weeks ago we got really excited that our homie, JRA, made it to the Voice! Unfortunately, his win streak stopped short with his battle against Diego Val performing the song “Jesse’s Girl.” He later tweeted this:

Thanks for all the love & support everyone! It doesn’t stop here! & hey, you can’t win them all! :) Still #TheKeenos & #TeamCeelo! <3

— JR Aquino (@JRAquino)

October 9, 2012

We’ve spoken and hung out with the Alaskan native and can say that he’s still got tons more in stored for him in the future. Congrats on all the success so far. Keep it moving!

Check his performance below:


Chen - Chen EP


Earlier this year I had the pleasure to meet and hear Chen at the School of Hard Rockz. I’ve never heard of her music and her set was going great until it got plagued by technical difficulties (ugh!). But now that I got a hold of some of her works in the “studio” its helped to paint an even better picture of her vocals! 

Recently releasing a self titled EP, Chen gives a great display on her versatility with beats and sounds ranging from EDM/Dubstep over to something a bit more R&B/Pop and with a variety of vocals. It was pretty enjoyable to listen to it and I actually wished there were more than 5 tracks. Its a solid piece of work and I’m definitely looking forward to some more music from her.

Check it out below, listen and download for free!


Mario x How Do I Breathe x Throwback x 2008

Taking it back to 2008.  This was when “slow jam” R&B artists started getting more upbeat and poppy as opposed to the style of the late 90s/early 2000s of actual slow jam, hand holding, let’s get close music.  Still a dope track and Mario can actually sing.  

Enjoy your Sunday!


Baiyu - Take a Number

Singer, Baiyu, released a video for a song off her EP, Fan Fair. A talented singer and former mtvU VJ was featured in the Ryan Leslie track, When We Dance, as well as the The Source, Soul Train, Global Grind, and many more! 

She has dedicated all the proceeds of her EP to the Japan Tsunami relief efforts. You can get the download here.


Melanie Fiona - Change the Record (ft B.O.B.)

Geez, I must really like Canadian artists because here’s another! A singer coming from up north, with the help of B.O.B., comes with a upbeat & motivational record, Change the Record. This is from her upcoming sophomore album, The MF Life, dropping on March 20th.

So is she talking about relationships or is she talking about music….??


Diplo x Usher x Climax

I grew up listening to usher doing tracks like “Nice & Slow” but it’s great seeing him still in the music biz doing the damn thing and moving on with the times.  Do you like this new club anthem?  I’m feeling how Usher is still singing on this track, instead of heavily abusing the crap out of auto-tune.

I’m also a fan of Diplo after I first heard of him doing that track with Tiesto “C’mon” which is mad hype, so I look forward to hearing more of these two artists together.  

Climax by diplo

Diplo and Usher have been exchanging tweets over the past couple of days using various superlatives to describe their new track “Climax”. Usher refers to the track as another “strip club classic”, while the Floridian producer-DJ describes it as “some next level electrosoul” and stated the he’s “pretty sure in 9 months there gonna be a lot of new babies that this song is responsible for”. Ariel Rechtshaid, the bassist of Foreign Born is also credited with co-writing the track. Usher’s latest LP is set for release later this year and if it follows in the trait of “Climax”, we can agree with Diplo’s statement that it will be “game-changing”.

Whitney Houston Dies At 48 x Rest In Peace x I Will Always Love You

The iconic and powerful singer Whitney Houston has passed away today at the age of 48.  Know your classics and your oldies friends… Rest In Peace Whitney.

Here’s probably her most famous song “I will always love you” which is also from the movie “The Bodyguard.”

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Kina Grannis Performs “In Your Arms” x Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kina Grannis performed “In Your Arms” live on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.  I love live performances with live music!  Did she kill it?

Here’s the original music video: